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Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Antrim Grammar School offers a wide range of subjects at AS/A2 level (or equivalent), together with a comprehensive enrichment programme, meeting the needs and interests of our pupils and those of higher education and employers. This curriculum encompasses traditional ‘A’ level subjects together with some vocational courses. Universities continue to place a premium on good grades in three A2 subjects (or equivalent) and achievement of those grades remains the central focus of Sixth Form studies at Antrim Grammar School. Consequently pupils must study a minimum of three AS/A2 subjects, together with suitable enrichment courses, though pupils with a strong GCSE profile will study four, or occasionally five, AS subjects. Students must ensure that they select subjects which provide a diverse, rewarding and relevant course of study but they must equally ensure that the subject combinations will allow them to meet the University requirements for courses of their choice. Advice on university entrance, or indeed any other aspect of careers, is available through members of our Careers department or UCAS teams.

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The subjects available for study at Sixth Form are as follows:

Art and Design
Business Studies
Computer Science
Design and Technology
English Literature  
Nutrition and Food Science
Further Mathematics
Government and Politics
Health and Social Care
Performing Arts
Religious Studies
Gra Spanish
Travel and Tourism
Applied Art (Parkhall)
Graphic Design (Parkhall)
Life and Health Sciences (Parkhall)
Engineering (NRC)

In addition to our academic provision we seek to enable Sixth Form students to develop further their social, dramatic, musical and sporting interests and to encourage qualities of leadership, initiative and responsibility. As a school we remain committed to our aim of “Educating for Life” and in equipping our young people to meet the needs of a changing society. Time spent in the Sixth Form is enjoyable and challenging. It is a period when students gain confidence and maturity in the security of the friendly atmosphere, which exists between fellow Sixth Formers, and between members of the Sixth Form and Teaching Staff.

We are pleased to report that each year a number of students from other schools enter Antrim Grammar School’s Sixth Form. They settle quickly and happily into their new environment, making their own valued contribution. We hope you find the contents of the booklet, which outlines the academic courses on offer and our Admission Policy, useful. Additional information about the School can be gained from the School Prospectus but if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.